Leader Care and Development ($9,869)

Team Leaders:  Scott Meeks (Executive Pastor, Evergreen Church, Bixby)and Paul Taylor (Pastor, Liberty Church, Broken Arrow)

$           400      Four area churches - hosting four simultaneous ReConnect SS events

$        1,150      Trainer honorariums – Bi-vocational/Smaller Church Staff Conference

$        1,843      First Baptist, Tulsa – Area-wide Vacation Bible School training

$           256      Lifeway Resources - Vacation Bible School training materials

$        1,500      Several displaced pastors and families

$        3,073      Matt Fore Entertainment - TMBN Christmas Fellowship

$           150      Deacon I Want to Be Video Training (TMBN Library)

$           500      Mosaic Berean Church, Tulsa - Exponential Conference

$           500      Kuki Community Church, Tulsa - Mission trip

$           497      Leader Care and Development Pastor of the Year Award


Testimony from Pastor Anthony Taylor, Mosaic Berean, Tulsa (received 6/2015):

Dear Tulsa Metro Baptist Network,

The funding given to Mosaic Berean was used to help four people go to the Exponential Church Planting Conference in Tampa, Florida. It was absolutely a blessing to us on many levels but especially in the area of assimilation and the development of a leadership and a leadership pipeline for Mosaic Berean.

The multiethnic breakout sessions were simply amazing, and the leadership breakouts were simply amazing as well. As a core unit we have been edified and strengthened. We thank God for the opportunity build with Him, and we are grateful for the networking connections, as well, that we gained from our time together at Exponential.

TMBN, Mosaic Berean thanks you for making it possible for us to go together. Your faithfulness to give to the advancement of Gospel aided us in our calling to serve God here in Tulsa and throughout the world! May God continue to bless the TMBN.

Anthony Taylor
Pastor, Mosiac Berean
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2014 Leader Care and Development ($9,197.49 to date)

Team Leaders:  Scott Meeks (Worship Pastor, Evergreen Church, Bixby) and Paul Taylor (Pastor, Liberty Church, Broken Arrow)

$             500     Hispanic Leadership / Braden Park Baptist Church, Tulsa

$               55     Preaching Conference / Concord Community Church, Tulsa

$               92     State Conference/Training / Concord Community Church, Tulsa

$             500     Continuing Education for Music Minister / Easton Heights Baptist Church, Tulsa

$          1,000     Disaster Relief / First Baptist Church, Sapulpa 

$             500     See You at the Pole / Multiple Churches

$             500     Training for pastors in China / GracePoint, Tulsa

$             500     Continuing Education for Pastor / Living Oaks Baptist Church, Tulsa

$             500     Exponential Conference / Mosaic Berean Church, Tulsa

$             500     Catalyst Conference / Parkview Baptist Church, Tulsa

$             500     Continuing Education for Worship Pastor / Woodland Acres Baptist Church,                          Tulsa

$         2,100     Associational VBS Training Clinics and Materials

$             950     Displaced pastor and family

$          1,000     BGCO/TMBN Bi-vocational/Smaller in Attendance Church Conference